Did you know that over 75 percent of all Internet users use social media?

At TBK Bank, SSB, we love when our customers come in and talk with us while they’re opening an account or transferring money. However, we also know that your life takes you one million different directions each day, and sometimes, it’s more convenient for you find out what’s going on with your bank online!


On Facebook, “like” us to stay connected to what’s happening locally, engage with the same smiling faces you see at your branch, and get financial advice to simplify your life. We will always share content that’s meaningful to you, whether it’s a blog on New Year’s Resolutions for Saving Money or a video from our YouTube channel showcasing our locally grown relationships. You may have already noticed, but our website has an all-new look and it’s a great opportunity for you to check out our convenient services, and everything else we have to offer from savings and checking to AG lending loans and even our Red Apple Club!

Whether it’s a picture of an event, a funny video or just checking in to say, “hello!” we love staying connected to our customers.

We also find value in being social because it’s another opportunity for you to tell us how we’re doing! We’d love nothing more than for you to send us a message, ask a question, write a review, to ultimately help us better serve you.

Get to know us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on our website!

*Please note: never share your account information on social media. If you are in need of customer service, please contact us here or find your nearest branch. For more information on TBK Bank, SSB’s social media guidelines, visit us here.


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