You’re itching for an escape from your reality that is waking up, feeding the dog, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, and going to work. You ache to explore the world around you, but you know your savings account cannot fund your dream excursion.

Dust off your suitcases and get to packing, because you, in fact, can travel like a king without breaking the bank. Here’s how you can see the world while keeping your finances in check.

Start Early

Your planning starts today. Start searching the internet for flights that fit your budget and subscribe to receive updates when they fluctuate in price. The sooner you start scouring travel sites, the more you’ll save on your flight.

Pack Up The Car

If you decide to travel somewhere in the United States, figure the price you would pay for gas. If the total is cheaper than booking a flight, opt to drive to your dream destination instead of flying. You can even find a fun group of friends to help you split gas, and save even more!

Travel During Off Season

Kick holiday and spring break travel to the curb and opt for traveling during off season. Not only will you save big on flights and accommodations, you may even save a few bucks on your lunch and dinner!


Forgo a stay at a hotel and opt for a good night’s sleep in an Airbnb or hostel, instead! You’ll get a glimpse into life as a local, while saving big bucks you can spend elsewhere!

Things To Do

There are thousands of free things to do while traveling, you just have to be resourceful! Scour the internet and travel sites, before you take flight, for free events, tours, and activities in your destination city.

Stay Confident

When you finally reach your destination, you can feel confident your finances are in order by using your TBK Bank Mobile Banking App. You’ll be able to check your account balances, make transfers as needed, and even pay bills at the touch of a button. Rest assured, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the paradise you only thought was possible in your dreams, while sticking to your budget!

For more information on opening a TBK Bank Savings Account to start saving for your next vacation, visit our website or give us a call.

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