Protect your budget from getting tackled during gameday! These money saving measures can help you pull off a winning tailgate party.

Get crafty

Skip the store-bought decorations and make your own! Check out Pinterest for ideas to make your tailgate party one-of-a-kind, using things you have on hand at home or let your food do the talking. These easy-to-make football cupcakes are both delicious and pretty to look at! Check out the recipe here.

Go generic

When you start piling groceries into your cart, opt for generic store brands instead of the pricey alternative. They’ll help you cut costs up front without sacrificing taste, and your guests won’t know the difference!

Plan, plan, plan

Shop early and shop in bulk! If you’re planning on making the trek to multiple football games this fall, stock up on tailgate necessities, like condiments, chips, dips, and disposable utensils,

from wholesale stores!

The more, the merrier

Fix up a big pot of chili and invite your guests to add their favorite side dish or dessert to the mix. Save on beverages by all going in on a keg or asking your guests to BYOB. While they’re at it, ask them to throw in a few extra tailgate chairs, tables and tents into the mix.

Drive smart, park smarter

Throw on your favorite tunes and turn your drive into a tailgate party of its own! Coordinate a carpool to save on gas and parking costs. Pitch in for the parking space or find a less expensive space to set up shop. If you’re looking to really cut back on costs, find a nearby shuttle that will take you to and from the stadium for a fraction of the cost!

Check the weather

Keep an eye on the weather! It’ll help you plan a gameday outfit that’s both comfortable and spirited, no matter how warm or how cold it’s planning to be! If there’s rain in the forecast, stock up on umbrellas and ponchos ahead of time to avoid pricey weather gear from stadium kiosks.

Skip the stadium swag

Everything costs more inside the stadium. Fill up on the food you brought to the tailgate party and avoid the concession stands at all costs! Order your team apparel online or check out local stores ahead of time to avoid paying double for the same school t-shirt.

Time is money

The old saying still rings true! Quality time spent with your closest friends and family members will really make sure your tailgate party will be one to remember.

Gameday fun doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. These money saving measures will help you cut costs without sacrificing school spirit!

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