Your famous mashed potatoes and homemade peppermint cheesecake can be the perfect ingredients for a memorable holiday dinner party, but extra side dishes and overpriced drinks can drain your bank account dry.

Keep the following tips in mind for a budget-friendly, yet palate-pleasing feast. More savings means more money to spend holiday shopping!

Prioritize Your Menu
If your holiday dinner party menu includes two main dishes, a dozen side dishes and six different desserts, it’s time to scale back. Yes, a larger menu means plenty of leftovers to cover you for the next week, but it can mean extra waste for foods that spoil quickly. Keep your budget in check by sticking with a few appetizers, one main dish, two to three sides and one dessert. Here are a few festive recipes to get you started!

Stick To Your Shopping List
A few weeks before the party, sit down and create a cost-effective menu that will feed all your guests. Be on the lookout for coupons and sales at your nearby grocery store. When it comes time for your big grocery run, stay strong and stick to your list. It can be tempting to fill your shopping cart to the brim with an abundance of holiday treats and decorations, but having your list will help you stay on track and on budget.

DIY Decorations
Give your guests a warm welcome with price-conscious décor that looks pretty, too! Turn a roll of paper into homemade placemats or a bouquet of holiday flowers into the perfect centerpiece. Then complete your tablescape with custom name tags for each of your guests.

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