You may not wear “real” UGG?

The Australian people have been smashing the shackles with the United States, and they have also succumbed to the court and refused to recognize the UGGaustralia brand. A large amount of historical data was also collected to prove that UGG is a native Australian patent, but the lawsuit has been played for many years, and it ended because of the legality of the US registered patent. Therefore, in the end, only the uppercase and lowercase of the English alphabet can be used. The United States is a lowercase “a” and Australia holds a capitalized “A”.

Therefore, most people chase after half a day of UGG, not only the pure blood of Australia’s native production, domestic counters, Tmall sells or Chinese-made, there is no failure to install! If you really want to start with UGG snow boots, you have to buy the native snow boots brand of Australia, such as TasmanUGG introduced to you today!

A good sheepskin directly determines the quality of the snow boots, and Australia’s UGG wins won on the material. Australia is the world’s largest wool producer and the quality of wool is the best in the world! UGG chose the Australian Merino lamb lambskin for 6-8 months. This level is the highest honor of the A-level official authority registration certificate. Due to the particularity of the wool sheepskin, the sheep fur is warm and breathable. This is unmatched by the two or three hundred cottages in China. Some Taobao sell UGG fakes is really not good to do homework, screaming the “first layer sheep fur one” flag. … Please! Sheepskin is simply not split between the first and second floors! The TasmanUGG leather is softer because it is less in the fur treatment process, so it is not so stiff and closer to the original sheep fur. And because each lamb’s cortex is soft and hard, and the degree of curling of the hair is different, even for a pair of shoes, the softness and fur thickness of some parts will be slightly different, and only the UGG imitation hairs are absolutely neat.

The TasmanUGG, which uses the finest real sheep fur, can be worn in the summer because it absorbs the moisture in the boots and automatically adjusts and optimizes the inner environment of the boots like the skin. The unique density and softness of Australian wool can be supported by each person’s different foot contours for maximum comfort. Whether in the winter of freezing into a dog or in the hot summer, there is no problem wearing TasmanUGG around 25 degrees.